Subculture instead of Haute-Couture - Protest-Rave by the Hedonist International Hamburg / Germany

Finally! The Hedonist International in Hamburg made up their own Hedonist group and start over with a Protest-Rave on the famous St. Pauli!

Meeting point is Sternschanze, Hamburg, 29th of September, starting from 16:00 on.

The theme for the Protest-Rave is "Subculture Instead Of Haute-Couture"

>> more info in German language:

Hedonist International Hannover

Welcome Hedonist International Hannover !!

And this is how they started: with a Rave trough the city of Hannover and by supporting a squad with techno music, not bad !!

No revolution without BUMS

BUMS festival coming up!

>> more info

whats hot and not

whats hot and not

G82007 Heiligendamm

What's hot and not

An itinerant crafts people with a tradition dating back to the 12th century. Not only do they sport shapely, double zipper cords and sexy hans solo waistcoats but they also created the most incredible camp at Reddlich. We were all feeling the spacious showers, the capacious bar and the bodacious children's playground.
-From geek to chic in an astonishingly short space of time

Widening the cracks*
The resistance metaphor du jour and an 'an endless source of smirks, giggles and wise-cracks'. ho ho! . From the five fingers* widening the cracks of the G8 summit itself to the anarchist teapot for widening the cracks of activist music dogma.
-cracks were widened everywhere.

*the word crack has several meanings, in this case it is provoking giggling as it is a slang word for the part between your buttocks.

Mobile soundsystem and clowns

We just received the following foto story:

A mobile soundsystem from the BUMS group meets clowns at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

More info in German language:

in the metro stationin the metro station

clowns appearclowns appear

commercial vs free musiccommercial vs free music

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