Review - Fuckparade 2007

Check out the Fuckparade Image Gallery for pics.

Review - Rave against the machine - Rostock 3rd of June 2007 - Demo Rostock 2nd of June 2007

check the G8 image gallery for the latest pictures from the camp, demo, barrio and rave against the machine. Videos can be found here.

Anarchist love hedonist DJsAnarchist love hedonist DJs


Because this is our homeBecause this is our home


The G1 groupThe G1 group

bass against G8!bass against G8!

Rave against the MachineRave against the Machine

Review - Benefizparty @ Festsaal Berlin-Kreuzberg - 4. may 2007

Pics from one off the most successful benefizparties (called "Staffellauf") are online!

Thanks to the "süß-sauer" crew for this remarkable event.

Review - Pirates enter the German ministry of defense 5. may 2007

As we reported earlier on this website there has been an attack of pirates against the German ministry of defense.

Review: MayDay Parade, 1. Mai 2007 in Berlin

The Hedonist International participated with a groovemobile on this demonstration with 10 000 participants. We would like to thank all the participants, especially the DJs who turned this peaceful event into a nice Protest & Party happening!

Our groovemobile, G8 theme product piracy and copyright:

Unfortunatley we could not prevent that a group of heavily armed persons accompanied the peaceful demonstration:

Review - the history of the Hedonist International movement

23. September 2006: street parade "Kein Kiez für Nazis II" (no neighborhood for nazis II) in Berlin.

After a successfull first street mobilisation, the local Hedonists go for a second street demo in cooperation with local organisations. Again, there are more than 2500 participants on the streets of Berlin. This time the weather is great and there are 10 cars, most of them equiped with soundsystems.

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