The 5th World Congress of the Hedonist International from May 29th to June 2nd 2014.

The 5th World Congress of the Hedonist International will take place from May 29th to June 2nd 2014 somewhere between Hamburg, Greifswald and Berlin.

The congress, through lectures, workshops and dance, unifies three interwoven themes: protest, activism and partying. There will be concerts, cinema, theatre and spontaneous events created by you. The program starts on Thursday and only ends on Monday evening so please try to come for the whole time.

If you have and ideas for the program, especially workshops, then contact 'kongress(at)hedonist-international(dot)org'. It will, of course, be possible to create spontaneous events.

For the first time there will be lectures and workshops late into the evenings – morning events will appropriately begin at midday.

Another novelty will be the world premier of 'Lightning-Sauna-Talks' – the concept is 90º C., 10 minutes, 1 jet steam, 1 lecture. For this we are still seeking lecturers to give exciting, exhilarating and serious short lectures in the heat. This can also be arranged spontaneously.

The World Congress of the Hedonist International is not an event based on long-term preparation. It will be born out of a spirit of do-it-yourself; the creativity and the ideas of the participants – like you!
Everyone attending the congress will not only participate but be the hosts too. All will be equally responsible for a colorful, informative, peaceful and joyful event – because that’s the way will have fun together. It should be stressed that no one will make any money at or through the congress. Whoever wants to help, please feel free to contact any of us or just give a hand when you notice it is necessary. You can announce your help in advance or just come along spontaneously. There will be plenty of things to do.

Advance Ticket Sales
Again this year, due to the limited capacity of the venue, tickets will be sold in advance both on and offline.

The ticket price is 25 +/-5 Euros for the five days. We estimate that about 25 Euros per person will cover the costs of the congress. So, if you can possibly afford it, please pay 30 Euros for your tickets and hence make it possible for those who have less money to attend.

All tickets are sold out. And very important – there will definitely be no tickets on sale at the site. You will not be able to get in, if you don´t have a ticket inadvance.

If you wish to participate in any way or come to the venue earlier and help with the preparations then contact 'kongress(at)hedonist-international(dot)org'.

There will be delicious food and all for a good cause. Food4action will cook with your help: everyone is welcome to chop and cook because the communal kitchen is a project which everyone can join. For a donation of between 15 and 30 Euros – according to your means – each person will be able to eat their fill of good, healthy, vegan food. Any profit made by Food4action goes towards solidarity projects; this year it will be the current March for Freedom to Brussels. Please join in and support this worthy cause!

On Thursday and Friday there will be Bassliner busses running from Berlin to the congress. On Sunday and Monday they will run back to Berlin. Tickets will soon be available at

The exact location of the congress venue will be posted later.

More later – looking forward to seeing you all again!