Berlin 12.12.2013 Hedobar - In Limbo - Refugee Movement

Multimedial info evening with videos, texts, pictures about the migration and refugees reality in different places - Calais, Tunisia, Lampedusa, Oranienplatz. Some friends / activists / refugees will share their own experience collected in the last years:

- Francesca shows a documentary/animation about Lampedusa
- Muhammed from Gambia will talk about his experience as refugee in Italy and Germany
- Cia(Sarah) & Walid will inform us about Choucha refugee camp in Tunesia
- Sander & Torca - Dokumentarfilm
- Patras (African refugees union) + Oranienplatz pretesters will inform us about the actual situation in Berlin
- Sophia shows some pictures and information about the situation of migrants trying to reach England from Calais

After the presentations (1h) we will have time to ask questions and share stories in an open discussion (1h).

21:00 Bar opens
22:00 Program starts

The section Grünberg of the Hedonist International invites each second Thursday of a month to the hedo bar in Zielona Gora.

Zielona Gora
Boxhagener Platz
Grünberger Str. 73
10245 Berlin