The III. NAKED hedonistic flat viewing rally

Supported by the sections "nudist offensive action committee" Aktionskomitee nudistische Offensive (AKNO) and the "alliance for urban mobile acoustic irradiation" Bündnis für urbane Mobilbeschallung (BUMS) the “hedonistic flat viewing rally” section Sektion Hedonistische Wohnungsbesichtigungs-Rally has succeeded once again:

Originally, we wanted to use the statement "The real estate market is relaxed" by Mrs. Junge-Reyer, Berlin's senator for urban development, as the motto of this naked rallye. However, this rallye turned out to be the most stressful one to date. At both flat viewings we visited, the real estate agents immediately called the police, who arrived shockingly late. At the second viewing, two journalists were taken into custody and had to provide identification. This happened at Warschauer Strasse 33, in a luxuriously renovated corner house, offered at a price of 8.50 Euro per square meter, 40% above the upper end of the Mietspiegel margin, which reflects the average local prices and is suggested by the state as an orientation for new leases. After three failed attempts to enter this house, we were excited to finally get a chance to visit this sacred location. We entered through the open front door and the agent of Lion Real Estate had no choice but to watch us dance around the dark apartment for a few minutes.

Earlier that day, we had taken a look at a recently renovated building in Schreinerstrasse 32, that – while lacking any special features – impressed us with its price of 9.60 Euro per square meter, 60% above the upper end of the Mietspiegel (110% above its mean). At this public viewing, we even met actual apartment seekers, who appeared startled to see us. The dancing was laid-back until the real estate agent lost his head, prompting us to end the event.

At both viewings, we were accompanied by journalists from dapd, AFP, an Israeli camera crew and a radio reporter. Although the list of journalists still still waiting to report on one of our rallyes is long, we have decided to go into hibernation and suspend our naked appearances over the winter. We will, however, use the time to investigate new and unusual forms of protest, suitable for raising awareness for serious social issues. Uncontrolled and thus sky-high rental prices are indeed a serious issue with a direct impact on the livelihoods of many. As Berlin's Senate is pushing a legislative initiative in the Bundesrat, political pressure in every German city is more important than ever.

thanks a lot!

thanks a lot!