The NAKED hedonistic flat viewing rally

The action committee nudist offensive Aktionskomitee nudistische Offensive (AKNO), the alliance for urban mobile acoustic irradiation Bündnis für urbane Mobilbeschallung (BUMS) and the "hedonistic flat viewing rally" (Sektion "Hedonistische Wohnungsbesuchtigungs-Rally") section have completed another flat viewing rally on Sunday, August 8:

“Although both apartments passed our party test, we are pissed off that such apartments cost some 10 Euros rent per square meter excluding utilities and heating cost nowadays. Trying to find someone stupid enough to pay that price borders illicit profiteering (Mietwucher). The law forbids overpriced offers, if demand exceeds supply in the housing market and apartment-seekers have no choice, but to accept these offers. If a shortage is established, demanding a rent exceeding the reference value suggested in the “Mietspiegel” (an official document issued by the state detailing average housing prices) constitutes an administrative offense, and prices exceeding this value by 50% or more are treated as a criminal offense. In the latter case, signed lease agreements can be changed to reflect an average rental price.
Anyone currently seeking an affordable apartment in Friedrichshain will tell you that there is a dramatic shortage in affordable apartments. And the situation is no different in other districts. Those who do not believe this – like the senator for urban development, Ingeborg Junge-Reyer (“The housing market in Berlin is 'relaxed'.”), might not be convinced until an unusually fair housing offer is advertised and hundreds of people gather for the flat viewing. We shall see...”

Against profiteering in the housing market – for fair living conditions!
For price fixing in the housing market (Mietbindung) – new leases have to reflect commensurate reference values!

Do your own flat viewing rally – anywhere!

Shoutout to the Fette Mieten-Parties Hamburg, to the Fette Mieten-Parties Zürich and to Jeudi Noir in Paris!

The irony is palpable

Which has us wondering, how perverse that an area once imagined uninhabitable becomes very habitable and desirable, and yet even more perverse is instead of moving on to the next de rigeur neighborhood (as has been custom for culture transgressors) the transgressors insist on staying with the hipsters and the pram plowing couples…