The Hedonist International is born

For a long time there was a need to unify the Berlin and international Hedonist scenes, to create a Hedonist movement, to give Hedonists all around the world a voice. Finally, the Hedonists International were born.

Hedonism does not mean consumism in a capitalistic sense but a set of ideas and actions to bring people in their quest for joy and happiness together.

Hedonists movements exist all around the world, from the peripheria of Sao Paulo to the suburbs of Paris or the underground scene of Berlin. You can be part of it as well. Check our >> Manifesto for some of the basic principles.

You have some texts, graphics, documentations etc. about your local scene or want to add something to this site? Have a look at the Hedonist Sections. You can also found your own section. A media archive will be online soon as well.

... watch the video

Picture below: a truck with soundsystem and a "rave against the machine" banner on our last manifestation in march 2007 where some DJs played fine Tech-House tunes in the centre of Berlin / Germany.