We build a mobile soundsystem

Building a mobile soundsystem


a mobile soundsystem is made out of several components, which should match to each other in the end. So the best way is to begin with one of them (some of them you may have already) and build the others arround it. ( This is to ensure that the amp matches to the speakers and the whole thing fits to your 'horse')

Workshop: Soundsystem with anti-theft system

Somewhere out of the Berlin Hedonists field this Manual was leaked to us:

Required Material (Prices for Germany):

  • 2-channel car amplifier, 200 to 300 Watts (used ca. 20 euro)
  • Speaker Mac Crypt BB-802-II, 2 x 100 Watts (set new 26 euro)
  • RCA jack to 1/8 TRS (3,5mm) jack adapter cable (2 euro)
  • car battery (from 20 euro)
  • battery charger (ca. 15 euro)
  • wood/chipboard (ca. 6 euro)
  • ca. 10 eyelets with wood screw thread, size depends on the chainsize (ca. 5 euro)
  • chain and lock (ca. 8 euro)
  • 8 elbows (ca. 6 euro)
  • Woodscrews (ca. 3 euro)

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